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Before you leave for Australia it is very important that you find a place to live after you get there. If you have relatives and friends already living in Australia it will be easy for you to find a place to live. And if your friends and relatives let you share their accommodation it will be lot easier and cheaper for you. So it will be better for you to find someone you know in Australia and live in their apartment. Otherwise you will have to choose a place to suit your life style and living standard.


HOSTELS: Hostels are usually run by organisations such as Youth Hostels Australia and the Young Men`s Christian Association (YMCA). Students share kitchen and bathroom facilities.

The cost is around A$80-A$135.

HOME STAY: staying, in your own bedroom, in the home of a carefully-selected Australian family. This option gives you the chance to really experience the Australian way of life - and many students form lifelong friendships with their host families!

The cost is around A$180 - A$200 per week including all meals.

RENTAL ACCOMMODATION: When you want to rent a unit, apartment or a house you can choose either furnished or unfurnished by signing a legal contract for a fixed period. Furnished apartments are comparatively more expensive as they provide almost everything needed in a house. Before signing a legal contract you require to pay the rent in advance and will require a security bond equal to one month`s rent. You will be responsible for your own cooking, cleaning, food and other necessities.

The cost is around A$70-A$350 (Electricity, gas, telephone are extra)

SHARED ACCOMMODATION: For more independence, you can arrange to share an apartment with one or more adults. You`ll have your own bedroom, but share household facilities and responsibilities (like cleaning and laundry). Each person provides their own blankets and linen, and buys their own food. Food and utilities (such as electricity, gas, telephone) are extra.

The cost is around A$50-A$160.

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