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By studying in Australia, you can not only gain an international qualification but also work experience in another country. Employers value work experience so tertiary students are encouraged to work in Australia if they can. International students can work for up to 20 hours a week while studying and full-time in holidays. You can apply for a work permit after you have arrived in Australia and started your course. The majority of casual work undertaken in Australia is in the retail and hospitality industries (cafes, restaurants and bars). Typical part-time jobs for students include: shop assistant, department store staff, bartender, kitchen hand, waiter/waitress, cleaner, clerical assistant, fast food chains staff and supermarket or cinema staff. Employment centres at institutions advertise a range of jobs. You can also find work through newspaper advertisements, an employment agency or the government`s national employment service, Job Network. Many Australian universities and higher education institutions offer returning home seminars for international students which prepare graduates to re-enter their home country and give advice on finding a job. The Australian Government skilled migration programme targets young people who have skills, an education and outstanding abilities that will contribute to the Australian economy. International students with Australian qualifications account for about half the people assessed under the skilled migrant programme. Applicants must pass a points test and satisfy some basic requirements. These include a maximum age limit of 45, English language proficiency, post-secondary school qualifications or work experience relevant to your nominated occupation. Points are awarded to applicants with Australian qualifications.

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